BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Multi-Driver IEM Shootout

With the personal audio market continually progressing every single day, it is no longer surprising that what used to be very rare and expensive innovations are now replaced with more affordable stuff that proliferate the industry. Before there only used to be drivers in our IEMs or earbuds, which later developed to micro-drivers. Nowadays, multiple drivers are being crammed in the shells of our toys to offer better sound details if done properly and correctly against the objective of manufacturers. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Multi-Driver IEM Shootout”


I felt like a very giddy kid over the weekend with the loaner of the Focal Elear by Mikee Rodriguez. While there are contrasting feedback with the can, I still felt elated by the fact that I chanced upon a loaner of one of the highly raved cans recently released in the market. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Focal Elear”

BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Earbuds Battle Royale: Above $100 Earbuds

Boy am I glad the week is finally over. With much load at work, I think I deserve nothing but to relax and to calm meself. You see, as I pointed out in the last installment of BRI, the past 2 weeks has been quite savage to me to the point that I missed using my gear. My desktop setup finds me estranged to it, while my portables has been sitting at the bottom of my bag untouched. I think I deserve some time with them now that the crazy weeks are over (I hope so). Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Earbuds Battle Royale: Above $100 Earbuds”

BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Earbud Battle Royale: $40-$100 Earbuds

Whew! The past weeks has been quite challenging for me with a lot of things I have been busy with (vendor meetings, sister coming home from abroad, etc.) so you must understand me for being a bit inactive over the past two weeks. I implore you this, as much as my regular dose of 2 to 3 BRIs in a week dwindled to just one for the past 2 weeks, believe that I missed doing this.

I MISS MY COLUMN! Darn, there, I have said it. And I know for a fact that only music can tame the beast inside me, so you must realize that the past two weeks has been quite nerve-wrecking for me.

Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Earbud Battle Royale: $40-$100 Earbuds”

BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Audio-Technica M40X/M50X Shootout

So I was able to get hold of Audio-Technica M40X and M50X as offered by Stefan Abad who seems quite eager to get a BRI out of these babies, which I guess can’t be in better timing. You see, there has been a lot of comparison made between these 2 monitors from Audio-Technica, and I really can’t blame anyone for doing so. These two are quite very identical save from very few aesthetic details, however, in terms of sound they are nowhere close. Yes they are made by just one brand, and somehow one would think that M50X might just be a better iteration of the M40X, probably just have better details or clarity or probably wider frequency range. However, that is not the case for these two babies. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Audio-Technica M40X/M50X Shootout”


I was disheartened a few weeks back as I schemed with a friend to get myself a Meze 99. I have been contemplating on getting one for quite some time now and when I finally made a decision to get one, some unfortunate events prevented me from getting one. Just to be brief, I was supposed to get one from Zeppelin and Co. through the help of that friend but unfortunately the messenger who was supposed to bring the stocks that day was unavailable, and my friend was there for just a day (he is based in Indonesia) so to go straight to the point, I was a sad Marlowe. Too bad but apparently it wasn’t time for me to get one. Not a staunch believer of fate, but that was the reason I came up with to accept the disappointment. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Sennheiser HD 6XX”


You have to forgive me as I gather my thoughts. The Audio-Fi meet last Saturday surprised me quite a bit as I went home with five cans to review. Yes, you read that right: five. And as much as the owners of these cans doesn’t really demand that I return them by next weekend, I still feel obligated to get a review across the soonest time I can. So, pretty much, for the next 2 weeks starting this week you will get peppered by impressions on these cans. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Shure SRH840”


Hello! Welcome to another episode of the Bus Ride Impression!

Why am I so damn jolly? Because today we are going to do a bit of a change in the BRI as most would normally know it. Yeah, I know I have done a shootout before, but that was for the trinity of entry level IEMs offered by Knowledge Zenith. Today, however, is going to be mighty different as I thought it might benefit you, our dear readers, if we will try something a little different. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: The Budget DAP Shootout”


Hi and welcome to another installment of the Bus Ride Impression! Today we will try another different thing as I try to dissect the dynamics of a mod for a Grado SR225i.

Wait, what? It is not even available from Grado anymore, isn’t it? Yes my friends and beloved readers, I know for a fact that Grado has long demised the SR225i as they have opted to keep the SR225e in their current inventory. But, given the fact that I heard of a lot of great things about the “i” version and how well it adapts to mods gave me the thought of grabbing one off the second-hand market and have it modified into a Frankenstein (insert evil genius laugh here).  Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Modding A Grado SR225i”


I am quite the happy camper. Yes I am. And that is for a good reason. Initially my works were for some of my audio toys, and that is something expected as I have yet to establish my reputation as a critic for personal audio gear. However, as my portfolio of works start to increase, I am now starting to enjoy that little perk wherein some people would be willing to loan me their toys to subject them to the test for the BRI. As of late, more and more offers are coming to the point that I get overwhelmed with the offers. Nowadays, I would normally receive one or two toys to review, and boy, as a personal audio enthusiast it feels like Christmas to me every week as I get to enjoy toys I know I can’t always get. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Audio-Technica ATH-E40”