Portable electrostats. Wow.

Imagine the possibilities: a portable audio option that can yield some of the inherent qualities of the desktop comrades such as the Stax L500 and the Koss ESP950. Electrostats are known for its amazing speed of resolution, and are often enjoyed in desktop forms. With the SRM-002, we are being allowed with portable options of an erstwhile non-portable gear. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Stax SRM-002”

BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: How Questyle CMA600i Ruined My Plans

Okay, no kidding, but this is definitely not portable to be tagged under Bus Ride Impression. But I humored Cholo that I will pit the Questyle CMA600i against the Asus Xonar Essence One as the DAC paired with the Stax SRM-353X no to see which is better per se but which has better synergy.

Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: How Questyle CMA600i Ruined My Plans”


Hello and welcome to another edition of Bus Ride Impression! I have had several reviews tucked on me trusty belt and I thought of veering away just for the mean time from such as I cook more for the next episodes. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION:Acquiring Gears”