Keep Calm and Ride On: Need For Speed Payback

This is The Tech Kaiju wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This holiday season we will be talking about Need For Speed Payback. Many racing games had been out for so long since the early 1970’s specifically the game called “Gran Trak 10” for Atari.

Next couple of years, games like Mario Kart came out with Nintendo 64 and etc. The Need for Speed series also started in the mid of 1990’s which was released PC, Playstation, Sega Saturn and 3DO. It was called “The Need For Speed” The series started out focusing on realistic car mechanics and elements to make the players feel that they really are driving the cars that they have chosen to race with. Need For Speed series really became popular and started to grow from Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4. It also introduced racing with cops, 2 player split screen multiplayer and more.

Need For Speed Payback is the 23rd installment of the Need For Speed Series. This racing game is set with an open world environment in Fortune Valley with roaming racers, street crews dominating races and more. We will not get into much of the detail regarding the story but the players would be able to control 3 drivers in the game and has their own specific skill set with regards to driving. Types of races are sprint races, drag races, circuit races, drifting, escape the cops and etc. Online races are also present while a lot of players are demanding to have a free roam mode so that players and their friends can tag along and roam the streets of Fortune Valley.


Vehicle customization in Need For Speed is one of its coolest features where in you can fully customize your ride to your liking. They also introduced shipments where in players must do a set of tasks to get shipment parts, money and more at their disposal. You can also choose to customize your ride for drifting, drag racing, off road, and many more. Cars can be unlocked through finishing tasks in the main story line. Take note though, unlocking new cars means you still need to buy them, hard life eh?

Multiplayer races can also engage players to perform and be competitive with other drivers all over the globe. 1st place or last place, doesn’t really matter because at each completed race you’ll be awarded 1 speed card for an upgrade. After completing a playlist with all the other players, everyone will be awarded with in game money to purchase upgrades or cars. So its still not bad being the 2nd or the 3rd, cause it will always give you a chance to improve through speed cards and in game cash.


Need For Speed Payback has done its part to become a good racing game with its series. Most player might not enjoy the game but you have to admit there is still a lot of fun customizing cars and racing with your friends wherever in Fortune Valley.

We do hope you like this insight regarding Need For Speed Payback, please join us til next time featuring another awesome game only here in The Tech Kaiju!