Captain! What Are Your Orders? Dreadnought PS4

Tech Kaiju is here again folks and today we’ll be featuring Dreadnought!

In the early 1974’s Space Simulation games where getting popular and a space game called Spasim was introduced to the gaming community. Spasim is a 32 player based networked space flight simulation game where in its a first person space shooter that will engage players to fight against other competitive players. Developer Jim Bowery from PLATO computer network successfully released the game in March of 1974.

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Dreadnought a game developed by Yager Development and Six Foot, published by Grey Box came out as an Open Beta for the PS4 and PC. Game focuses on capital ship combat where in players control big ships like Destroyers, Dreadnoughts and etc. It involves players maneuvering in tight spots where in they flank enemy ships. Move in closer with light speed jumps to surprise the enemy fleet. Also being an Artillery Cruiser tearing your opponents ships apart from a very long range.

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From the picture above you can see 2 Dreadnoughts decimating each other bit by bit. Yes they have laser cannons and more. Ship customization in Dreadnought is very present as you can progress with your role as a captain by acquiring new technology for your ships as well as getting new Capital Ships for advancing to different tiers. Every Tier has a set of technologies that players need to acquire in order to move on and reach the maximum potential of their ships.

Team play is very plays a very important role in dreadnought specially in a 5 v 5 Deathmatch where in a team of players engage another hostile fleet which also is being controlled by another player. Communication from the fleet then grows where everyone must communicate to decimate the enemy fleet. One wrong move in combat can change the tide of the battle.



Overall Dreadnought game is really fun to play specially with friends. It brings you closer to having a control of your own capital ship. You can download the game straight from the Playstation Store on the PS4 and on PC on their website as long as you have an account registered here

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May The Force Be With You: Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Tech Kaiju also loves to blog about games especially the new releases. So in this blog we will talk about Star Wars Battlefront 2.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been very modified and different from its predecessor. Unlike Star Wars Battlefront 1. This game introduced classes which has Assault, Heavy, Officer and Specialist. Much like what they did in the Battlefield series, it brings up the feeling of playing the previous Battlefront games from the Playstation 2 series. So these classes are very unique and each and everyone has very important roles. For example, an assault can use a skill that is called Vanguard which let’s you equip a shotgun for a limited time you can also sprint faster to eliminate hostiles in the objective. Same as the Officer you can drop auto turrets to defend or takeover objectives. For the Heavy class you are the guardian of your army by providing heavy fire upon your enemies. The Specialist class on the other hand specializes with sniping. You will also encounter other classes like the trooper with a Jet pack or a hard armored units like a Wookie Warrior at your disposal.


The multiplayer mode consists of different games modes including Galactic Assault which pits players in an objective based gameplay. One faction attacks capturing objectives, taking control of a certain terminals and etc. While the defending faction needs to make sure that they drain the reinforcement tickets of the other faction to 0. Multiplayer maps focuses on live events that happened in the Star Wars Universe including the famous Kamino Invasion where in the clones are desperate to repel the attack of the separatist forces on their home planet. Much like in Operations from Battlefield 1. There are also star cards that have been involved which can make your troopers with additional power ups such as Supercharged Sentry, Improved Thermal Detonators, and etc. So far, the multiplayer has been fun and engaging at times. Another game mode called Starfighter assault will bring fans in the cockpits of the Star Wars ships such as X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Millennium Falcon, and etc. It also conveys objective gameplay such as Galactic Assault but its gonna be on space. Yes, you heard it right! On space with different players, massive space dogfights, and more.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 also offers a good campaign story which focuses on the protagonist Iden Versio daughter of a very powerful admiral of the Imperial Army. No spoilers will be spilled in this blog so its okay to read. The main focus of the story is bridging the connection between Episode 6 going to Episode 7 of the Star Wars franchise so if you’re a big fan, you really have to try the campaign on this one and see what happens.

The only downside is the lag of the servers which EA hasn’t fixed up til this day. Star Wars Battlefront 2 also has a forum where in active players in the community can report bugs, issues and more directly to the EA developers of the game.

Now EA the developer of Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been engaged into a lot of controversies including micro transaction involved in games. This information about micro transaction was actually said by a developer in an active forum which went very viral all over the internet. EA made a move immediately to try and remedy the situation but it was all too late as famous Youtubers vent out and started raining down on the game before it can even be released to the public.

In response to the overwhelming negativity of the people, before the release date of the game, EA pulled out all micro transactions involved in the game to prevent any more damages or problems that might occur. However it was really quite too late as the company’s stock fell 8.5 percent this month through Tuesday, with a colossal loss of $3.1 billion in shareholder value.

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