BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Cavalli Liquid Carbon

So as I resume the review of the loaners from Lyle Estipona, I realized that my week will be filled with his toys (Yes buddy, you got me all worked up for the week. Not complaining though, lol.) as I just finished doing the review for his Sony NW-WM1A yesterday (that one was fun, trust me; it got my juices working) and this time, I will try to tackle the Cavalli Liquid Carbon. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Cavalli Liquid Carbon”


I was able to try a Fostex can back when Massdrop released its collaboration with the brand sometime mid last year with  the TH-X00. I instantly fell for the can, what with the rich bass punch that is one of a kind: clean, tight, forceful. But, apart from that fact, the can offers such a wide range that was so immensely enjoying considering the number of things you get to hear out of it.

Then there was the T50RP, Fostex’s entry level planar magnetic can that has been a favorite of most enthusiasts due to its highly modifiable nature. For its price, it is no wonder that a lot flocked to get themselves a pair that was modded into different versions such as the Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs, various mods from ZMF Planars, and mods from Mayflower Electronics which pretty much tells you how well received the T50RP is by both enthusiasts or DIY folks. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Fostex TH-610”