Gear Up Soldier! Call of Duty World War 2

Tech Kaiju is back with Call of Duty World War 2! Call of Duty franchise had been around for a very long time and so far a lot of players got hooked into the game since the early 2000’s and it started in the era of World War 2. Focusing on the side of the Americans. Game was released and called Call of Duty followed by DLC’s (Downloadable Content) called Call of Duty: United Offensive which gave the game new maps for multiplayer and extended campaign. The campaign of the Call of Duty series focused on real life historical events that happened in World War 2.

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Call of Duty World War 2 was in the same timeline but has added additional story lines where in the life of the soldiers on the field are shown in the game. Starting from D-Day up to the Liberation of Paris til the war in Germany. It also added a feature from your squad mates to share some ammo, health, grenades and etc. This feature is only available in the campaign. Just like the previous Call of Duty games it also has different difficulty modes for the players to test their skills before they can go to online multiplayer.


The multiplayer aspect of the game really brought the old school feeling back of Call of Duty. It focuses on “boots on the ground” type of gameplay with different game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed and many more. They also introduced Divisions where in players can choose a specific division with their own unique set of specialties for example Airborne division can put silencer on their SMG’s. The game also has a lobby which is called Headquarters that allows players to do various activities before joining a public game. They can challenge others to a 1 v 1 game, as well as a shootout battle in the firing range and more.


One of the new game mode is called War where in players are pit into a series of objectives as attackers and defenders. Much like operations in Battlefield 1, its only a small map which contains choke points for the teams to fight. For example, attacking team needs to escort their tanks to a position where they can move on to phase 2 with a certain time limit. The tanks will not be able to move without any allied soldiers defending it side by side. The defending team will oppose their advance by killing the soldiers guarding the tanks. Once the tank is clear of any allied soldiers, it will automatically move back to its previous position preventing them to move to their targets. Supply drops are also included in the game where in players need to complete a specific task in order to get some supply drops which contains skins, emblems, calling cards and more.Call of Duty®: WWII_20171112130318

So far the game is really cool to play specially when you love world war 2 games. The only negative side about it is the matchmaking with your friends. We will not say that much but go ahead and try to play multiplayer. Campaign mode is really sweet as well as the additional Nazi Zombies added to it. This is Tech Kaiju bringing you more info about video games! Til the next time soldiers!