Chord Poly: Wireless has never been this powerful!

There are many things in life that are perfect in pairs; you and your wife, mac and cheese, cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly, your pair of hifi ears… You name it! Now, the 2 year old Mojo by Chord still has that glow on the market. 2 years man, 2 years! It’s been that dominant in his category. What else should Chord do for it to retain the limelight? Release a Chord Mojo 2? Uh no, Mojo still has that latest FPGA chip which is also running the latest product of Chord which is the Hugo 2. So what’s the answer? Make it more awesome! Here’s where the Chord Poly was born. Essentially it is a wireless streaming module for the Mojo. Let’s head on further and check it out.



The Chord Poly is basically a wireless streaming module for the Chord Mojo. The Poly simply attaches at the back end of the Mojo, you simply connect to it via bluetooth or wi-fi (hotspot or home network) and voila! You can even insert your music into the Poly via micro SD card then access it via DLNA or MPD apps! You can also integrate Tidal or Spotify. It’s as extensive as it can get making the Mojo truly wireless and flexible.



Now, I’m not here to talk about the technicalities of the Mojo since the Poly is a module for it and most looking into this already knows or has a Mojo. What I want to talk about with this review is simply the experience of the Mojo being wireless via the Poly.



First off, I didn’t really think about such a product. I mean, this is truly remarkable in the sense that no one predicted such a product to be born. Second, not much people were asking for such a product but now that it’s here, we can all see how this product can be so tempting to have. Imagine the Mojo being wireless? Literally avoiding anymore stacking with a DAP if you wanted it. No more need to bring a DAP along with your phone aside from the Mojo in your pocket. That’s one less hassle down! No need as well to pull out your entire rig from your pocket or bag when switching tracks. Simply change tracks while checking your phone. It’s that much more convenient! It saves space too since you can plug-in a micro SD into the Poly without caring for the storage space for your phone. This is truly a genius idea!



I was given 2 weeks to enjoy the Poly by Beyond Innovations Inc. and all I can say is that, even though there are great wireless headphones and in-ears that have recently released, they still can’t stumble a lot of mid-end headphones when we talk about sound quality. Yes, they are totally wire-free compared to the Poly since you still need to attach your headphones or in-ears, but look at how capable this is. The Mojo is powerful enough to drive some cans that are quite hungry for power and the Poly does not hinder that at all. Yes you need to wire your headphones and in-ears to the Mojo and Poly combo but you don’t really need to pull-0ut the Mojo and Poly from your pocket. Makes sense?



To be honest I was never interested in the Poly until I experienced it and now I really want one! Even the simple fact that I am at home and on my desk, the Poly still does give certain convenience with being wireless. I don’t have to stick to my PC, I can just lie down and put the Mojo and Poly beside me while I browse my tracks on my phone. For me, the Poly is about total convenience while retaining the high fidelity of the Mojo. This is where it truly shines. It’s so easy to throw it in your bag or pocket and simply forget it while your running your library via your mobile phone. It’s also a great streamer for speakers when you don’t really wanna move speakers or your PC just to play your tracks. This is definitely the most capable portable streaming device right now and if you have a Mojo, I promise, you really should have one! If there’s one mistake I could find with the Poly, it’s probably only the price tag which is Php 34,990 😦 It’s even more expensive than the Mojo! This is the only hindrance I see for which people might not to consider the Poly. The price is too steep for a module for the Mojo. Aside from that however, the Poly is an absolutely great add-on for the Mojo, hands-down!



You can purchase the Chord Poly locally here in the Philippines for Php 34,990 at these stores:
– JBL Sound Gallery, High Street at BGC
– A. Refinery, UP Town Center
– Egghead Audiohub, Shangri-La Mall Edsa
– The Listening Room, SM Megamall
– Sound & Vision, La Loma Q.C.

Straight From The Field: Beyond Innovations – Chord Poly Launch 11/09/17

We at The Tech Kaiju were given a privilege as we were invited to the launch of the latest Chord product, the Poly organized by Beyond Innovations, the official distributor of Chord in the country on November 9, 2017. People from media, audio groups and dealers gathered as no less then John Franks, the Founder and Chief Engineer of Chord walked the audience through their latest innovation at the event held at the Kuppa Roastery & Cafe.

John Franks and Robert Wong of Chord Business Development explained how the Poly plays a major role in the ever advancing technology of sound. They also got the chance to mingle with the crowd and answer the audiences’ inquiries about Chord and what it holds in the future.

John Frank and Robert Wong discussing insights on what Poly has to offer.

The audiences were also given a chance to audition the Poly along with other brands carried by Beyond Innovations like Beyerdynamic and AKG. The crowd was also given a treat as freebies and discounts were offered on the event for Poly.