BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Bengkel Macro Edimun V3 (2.5mm TRRS)

I have become such a sucker for balanced termination. While single ended termination is much more common and convenient, balanced connection is definitely significantly cleaner. There are pros and cons, yes, but generally if done right, the connection should be able to yield immensely pleasurable experience.

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BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Earbud Battle Royale: $40-$100 Earbuds

Whew! The past weeks has been quite challenging for me with a lot of things I have been busy with (vendor meetings, sister coming home from abroad, etc.) so you must understand me for being a bit inactive over the past two weeks. I implore you this, as much as my regular dose of 2 to 3 BRIs in a week dwindled to just one for the past 2 weeks, believe that I missed doing this.

I MISS MY COLUMN! Darn, there, I have said it. And I know for a fact that only music can tame the beast inside me, so you must realize that the past two weeks has been quite nerve-wrecking for me.

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Fresh off a BRI for the Questyle QP1-R and Aune M1S, I was not expecting for another impression/review for yet another DAP as I thought that the next one might be a good idea if I go for a shootout for $200 DAPs (yes, please standby for it, just amassing materials for that) so I thought I might hold off a DAP review in the meantime. Lo and behold, very good friend John Michael Jalata (Bugoy-Fi!) indulged me with yet another DAP BRI, this time with his Sony PCMD100. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Sony PCMD100”