Ahhh, planars. Perhaps one of the best things that happened in personal audio. I myself am a fan, with my first being the Audeze LCD-2 (thankfully, not a lemon) introducing me to the tech which practically taught me that an enthusiast should have at least a pair in your arsenal. The speed it delivers coupling it with excellent presentation of the low frequencies should be a reason enough to have one.

After that, I have had a chance to have a couple more, the siblings Hifiman HE400S and HE400I, and while an electrostatic earspeakers has to be my favorite personal desktop audio gear, I still can’t rid myself of my love for planar magnetic cans. Maybe because planars are quite easier to manage (no need for a bias amp) and the potential to make it portable (I still can’t imagine myself using a planar magnetic cans and a Mass Kobo 404 in a bus ride) somehow takes its place in my heart. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Advanced Alpha”


At some point in this hobby you will get to that crossroad thinking what is the practical route to take. As a hobbyist, ideally you should be governed as to what sound you will get out of your setup. However, there’s a plethora of factors to consider, primarily whether if you will go portable or stationary. While I would assume that hordes will prefer to go portable, there still is a considerable number of folks who would prefer a desktop setup considering the value they get out of it in terms of the sound. However, in spite of that, the reason why a lot would prefer to go portable is because we are practically living in a very fast environment nowadays; much more people are mobile given our daily lives whether it is due to work or school.

Given this point, another factor to look into is the efficiency of the music source you are getting. While cost plays a huge role when picking the right gear, one would think of it more on practicality rather than just being blunt; that is, going for what is cheaper (this should be the ideal as price to performance is the right measurement of practicality, not low price period) should be equated by one’s expectation as to what kind of sound one will get out of the gear. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Oriolus DP100”


Was waiting for this for a very long time. Was even shaking with anxiety as to when I can make this happen. And then good friend Gef told me that I can have the Chord Hugo 2 for a couple of weeks. I froze. I felt like I won the jackpot.

Welcome to another installment of the Bus Ride Impression and I am writing today quite jittery as I have something really good in store for this episode. Man, I know these are the kinds of toys that I should be saving up on, but given that I am such an obedient husband, I have relinquished my plans of getting one of these bad boys to probably next year as I prepare for something REALLY big for Aurem Fidelitatem in the next couple of months. However, since I have a very generous friend as a benefactor, I am not planning to pass up on the chance to have this baby sleeping with me for the next few weeks so here it is: the Bus Ride Impression on the Chord Hugo 2.

Chord started shipping Hugo 2 to its fans around April of this year, and boy I can picture the anticipation on the faces of these fans given the success of the first iteration of the Hugo. Who wouldn’t? I mean if Mojo was already a breakout success, much more with its bigger sibling who has been making waves since a few years back. And now the new iteration of the Hugo is out in the market, I kind of expected it to be more impactful given its reputation. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Chord Hugo 2”


In today’s audio world, you will be bombarded by numerous digital audio players (DAPs) in the market that you will often be left in quandary as to which one to choose. It will always be a battle of which offers better sound and value out of your hard earned cash, but at the end of the day, it will always be up to one’s preference. You see, some people will put value in first, as it is natural for someone to look for something worth ripping their wallets for. Some others would not mind the price as long as they get to the sound they really want.

Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Sony NW-WM1A”


The difficult part of being a reviewer particularly for personal audio is the plethora of gears that comes out over time. You see, it is a given fact that almost every week something new comes out. What’s even tougher is to select which one to review. As for the choices, it is limited by what is readily available and which one actually sounds interesting (not necessarily good as it kind of wastes away the purpose of a review). I oftentimes get approached asking what is in line for Bus Ride Impression and at some fortunate situations, I get offered some gears to review. However, I will have to drop being picky and subject myself to a review even if I really have no inclination towards a certain gear being offered. On a flipside, being offered something allows me to try a new gear and at some point, I get to discover gems that I didn’t realize to be one in the first place. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Advanced EVO-X”


Hello! Welcome to another episode of the Bus Ride Impression!

Why am I so damn jolly? Because today we are going to do a bit of a change in the BRI as most would normally know it. Yeah, I know I have done a shootout before, but that was for the trinity of entry level IEMs offered by Knowledge Zenith. Today, however, is going to be mighty different as I thought it might benefit you, our dear readers, if we will try something a little different. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: The Budget DAP Shootout”


One can’t simply define beauty of sound especially based on their own preference. You will have to find it and once found, one will have to look for the IEM that will best match the said signature. Just like a dish, one will have to find the right dish and how it was flavored. Then it will be a quest to find the restaurant to offer such dish.

Thankfully for us audio enthusiasts, this is no longer quite a daunting task as custom in-ear monitors (CIEMs) are pretty much easily accessible and can be found in a lot of countries in the world. This makes our quest for our favored sound a lot easier to find. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Advanced-AAW M5”


Fresh off a BRI for the Questyle QP1-R and Aune M1S, I was not expecting for another impression/review for yet another DAP as I thought that the next one might be a good idea if I go for a shootout for $200 DAPs (yes, please standby for it, just amassing materials for that) so I thought I might hold off a DAP review in the meantime. Lo and behold, very good friend John Michael Jalata (Bugoy-Fi!) indulged me with yet another DAP BRI, this time with his Sony PCMD100. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Sony PCMD100”


Hello and welcome to another edition of Bus Ride Impression! I have had several reviews tucked on me trusty belt and I thought of veering away just for the mean time from such as I cook more for the next episodes. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION:Acquiring Gears”


I wanted an Aune M2S. I do. Badly. Too bad for me though, the missus isn’t a big fan of me toting yet another DAP for no business reasons at all (honestly, I only get away getting another DAP by asking the CFO of Aurem Fidelitatem and Cruz Residence by saying that I intend to add the DAP to our growing product line). Sometimes I am lucky, sometimes I am not. However, in the absence of an Aune M2S, I got lucky by scoring the newest DAP from Aune, the Aune M1S. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Aune M1S”