BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Earbuds Battle Royale: Above $100 Earbuds

Boy am I glad the week is finally over. With much load at work, I think I deserve nothing but to relax and to calm meself. You see, as I pointed out in the last installment of BRI, the past 2 weeks has been quite savage to me to the point that I missed using my gear. My desktop setup finds me estranged to it, while my portables has been sitting at the bottom of my bag untouched. I think I deserve some time with them now that the crazy weeks are over (I hope so). Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Earbuds Battle Royale: Above $100 Earbuds”

BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Earbud Battle Royale: $40-$100 Earbuds

Whew! The past weeks has been quite challenging for me with a lot of things I have been busy with (vendor meetings, sister coming home from abroad, etc.) so you must understand me for being a bit inactive over the past two weeks. I implore you this, as much as my regular dose of 2 to 3 BRIs in a week dwindled to just one for the past 2 weeks, believe that I missed doing this.

I MISS MY COLUMN! Darn, there, I have said it. And I know for a fact that only music can tame the beast inside me, so you must realize that the past two weeks has been quite nerve-wrecking for me.

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I was able to try a Fostex can back when Massdrop released its collaboration with the brand sometime mid last year with  the TH-X00. I instantly fell for the can, what with the rich bass punch that is one of a kind: clean, tight, forceful. But, apart from that fact, the can offers such a wide range that was so immensely enjoying considering the number of things you get to hear out of it.

Then there was the T50RP, Fostex’s entry level planar magnetic can that has been a favorite of most enthusiasts due to its highly modifiable nature. For its price, it is no wonder that a lot flocked to get themselves a pair that was modded into different versions such as the Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs, various mods from ZMF Planars, and mods from Mayflower Electronics which pretty much tells you how well received the T50RP is by both enthusiasts or DIY folks. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Fostex TH-610”

BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Earbud Battle Royale: Sub-$40 Earbuds

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Bus Ride Impression!

Today, I am going through an endeavor that has got to be one of my most challenging, death-defying (no, not really) and perhaps the most ambitious BRI I will undertake, the Earbuds Battle Royale! Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Earbud Battle Royale: Sub-$40 Earbuds”


The DZAT DT-05 is a very curious IEM that came out recently given the contrasting few reviews online. I even saw one review stating how wrong the reviewer was in thinking that the IEM is any good. But then there are some who has seen some promise for the IEM. I however got curious by the fact and went on to get one for myself to see if it is either of the two. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: DZAT DT-05”

BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Beyerdynamic T1 (Generation 1)

I am a bright listener. I mean, I would normally want some sparkle to what I am listening to. Heck, I even get to the point that I enjoy such sparkle which is otherwise intolerable to some other people. There was even this conversation wherein a few of my audio friends would say a track we just listened to is sibilant, but I immensely enjoyed it. Call it weird, but that is just how I get my kicks when listening. Oftentimes, lack of sparkle in a track makes me feel it to be too dark. That is just how bright I listen.

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