Captain! What Are Your Orders? Dreadnought PS4

Tech Kaiju is here again folks and today we’ll be featuring Dreadnought!

In the early 1974’s Space Simulation games where getting popular and a space game called Spasim was introduced to the gaming community. Spasim is a 32 player based networked space flight simulation game where in its a first person space shooter that will engage players to fight against other competitive players. Developer Jim Bowery from PLATO computer network successfully released the game in March of 1974.

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Dreadnought a game developed by Yager Development and Six Foot, published by Grey Box came out as an Open Beta for the PS4 and PC. Game focuses on capital ship combat where in players control big ships like Destroyers, Dreadnoughts and etc. It involves players maneuvering in tight spots where in they flank enemy ships. Move in closer with light speed jumps to surprise the enemy fleet. Also being an Artillery Cruiser tearing your opponents ships apart from a very long range.

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From the picture above you can see 2 Dreadnoughts decimating each other bit by bit. Yes they have laser cannons and more. Ship customization in Dreadnought is very present as you can progress with your role as a captain by acquiring new technology for your ships as well as getting new Capital Ships for advancing to different tiers. Every Tier has a set of technologies that players need to acquire in order to move on and reach the maximum potential of their ships.

Team play is very plays a very important role in dreadnought specially in a 5 v 5 Deathmatch where in a team of players engage another hostile fleet which also is being controlled by another player. Communication from the fleet then grows where everyone must communicate to decimate the enemy fleet. One wrong move in combat can change the tide of the battle.



Overall Dreadnought game is really fun to play specially with friends. It brings you closer to having a control of your own capital ship. You can download the game straight from the Playstation Store on the PS4 and on PC on their website as long as you have an account registered here

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Chord Poly: Wireless has never been this powerful!

There are many things in life that are perfect in pairs; you and your wife, mac and cheese, cookies and cream, peanut butter and jelly, your pair of hifi ears… You name it! Now, the 2 year old Mojo by Chord still has that glow on the market. 2 years man, 2 years! It’s been that dominant in his category. What else should Chord do for it to retain the limelight? Release a Chord Mojo 2? Uh no, Mojo still has that latest FPGA chip which is also running the latest product of Chord which is the Hugo 2. So what’s the answer? Make it more awesome! Here’s where the Chord Poly was born. Essentially it is a wireless streaming module for the Mojo. Let’s head on further and check it out.



The Chord Poly is basically a wireless streaming module for the Chord Mojo. The Poly simply attaches at the back end of the Mojo, you simply connect to it via bluetooth or wi-fi (hotspot or home network) and voila! You can even insert your music into the Poly via micro SD card then access it via DLNA or MPD apps! You can also integrate Tidal or Spotify. It’s as extensive as it can get making the Mojo truly wireless and flexible.



Now, I’m not here to talk about the technicalities of the Mojo since the Poly is a module for it and most looking into this already knows or has a Mojo. What I want to talk about with this review is simply the experience of the Mojo being wireless via the Poly.



First off, I didn’t really think about such a product. I mean, this is truly remarkable in the sense that no one predicted such a product to be born. Second, not much people were asking for such a product but now that it’s here, we can all see how this product can be so tempting to have. Imagine the Mojo being wireless? Literally avoiding anymore stacking with a DAP if you wanted it. No more need to bring a DAP along with your phone aside from the Mojo in your pocket. That’s one less hassle down! No need as well to pull out your entire rig from your pocket or bag when switching tracks. Simply change tracks while checking your phone. It’s that much more convenient! It saves space too since you can plug-in a micro SD into the Poly without caring for the storage space for your phone. This is truly a genius idea!



I was given 2 weeks to enjoy the Poly by Beyond Innovations Inc. and all I can say is that, even though there are great wireless headphones and in-ears that have recently released, they still can’t stumble a lot of mid-end headphones when we talk about sound quality. Yes, they are totally wire-free compared to the Poly since you still need to attach your headphones or in-ears, but look at how capable this is. The Mojo is powerful enough to drive some cans that are quite hungry for power and the Poly does not hinder that at all. Yes you need to wire your headphones and in-ears to the Mojo and Poly combo but you don’t really need to pull-0ut the Mojo and Poly from your pocket. Makes sense?



To be honest I was never interested in the Poly until I experienced it and now I really want one! Even the simple fact that I am at home and on my desk, the Poly still does give certain convenience with being wireless. I don’t have to stick to my PC, I can just lie down and put the Mojo and Poly beside me while I browse my tracks on my phone. For me, the Poly is about total convenience while retaining the high fidelity of the Mojo. This is where it truly shines. It’s so easy to throw it in your bag or pocket and simply forget it while your running your library via your mobile phone. It’s also a great streamer for speakers when you don’t really wanna move speakers or your PC just to play your tracks. This is definitely the most capable portable streaming device right now and if you have a Mojo, I promise, you really should have one! If there’s one mistake I could find with the Poly, it’s probably only the price tag which is Php 34,990 😦 It’s even more expensive than the Mojo! This is the only hindrance I see for which people might not to consider the Poly. The price is too steep for a module for the Mojo. Aside from that however, the Poly is an absolutely great add-on for the Mojo, hands-down!



You can purchase the Chord Poly locally here in the Philippines for Php 34,990 at these stores:
– JBL Sound Gallery, High Street at BGC
– A. Refinery, UP Town Center
– Egghead Audiohub, Shangri-La Mall Edsa
– The Listening Room, SM Megamall
– Sound & Vision, La Loma Q.C.

Life Is A Game, So Fight For Survival: Fortnite Battle Royale

Hello everybody! Tech Kaiju is here again with the game called Fortnite. Battle Royale games have been very popular in the gaming industry and right now there are so many games that has a Battle Royale setting on it. Respectively one of the popular games that came out was Player’s Unknown BattleGrounds or PUBG. Game started out with a bang as a lot of players started joining in on its 2nd week. It has around a player count of 89,000. Not only that, Battle Royale mode can also be compared to movies such as Hunger Games where in you need to eliminate everybody in order for you to survive and win the Battle Royale Game.

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Fortnite is a game that focuses on having forts and defending yourselves against waves of enemy Zombies. You can get the game on PC, Xbox One and on the PS4. Its believed to be set for free this coming 2018 however If players pre-order or purchase the game early they’ll get instant access to some goodies to help them progress easier on the game. The game also focuses on gathering materials, looting areas for guns and ammo as well as medical items. What made the game stood out with other Battle Royale games is that you can build walls, fortifications, houses and etc.

Battle Royale in Fortnite was released in September 2017. That marked the beginning of a new Battle Royale in the gaming industry as its much complicated in a sense that you gotta learn to think fast and act as needed. Its almost the same as PUBG but the building and gathering resources makes it more unique than any other Battle Royale games nowadays.


The Battle Royale game mode of Fortnite starts off in a preparation phase where in players can shoot guns freely and try out items. Then moving on forward to the bus where it will pass on a certain path where players need to jump in and get items, weapons to survive the battle. Item sharing in the game is also important as it will fit you and your squad, YES you and your squad against other hostile squad players willing to take you out of the competition. Medkits, Bandages and etc are really important healing items for a squad. Solo, Duo and Squad are the room types that the game has. Then at the Game Awards, Epic Games decided to release a game mode with players split into 2 teams. So the announcement was epic as it stirred a lot of players to play the game mode with 50 vs 50 players on it. Massive map, with a lot of players on it is totally chaotic so always practice and aim straight.

The game features a really big map as well, so before you jump out of the bus. Make sure you and your squad already did the call outs when to land or when to not land or Takeoff. In addition, there’s also a circular storm which will consume players if you stay outside of the that Circular Storm. From what I’ve experienced Fortnite Battle Royale is such a good game in terms of the Battle Royale setting of it. It allows the players to quickly build their defenses once they move from location and another chasing the Circle of the Storm. So the excitement of the game really boils down to who gets the good equipment, and to those who are good in building forts or bases.

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Fortnite also has events on the game like last October they had a Halloween update which will allow players to use this update. Most likely this Christmas, Epic Games would apply another update to welcome Christmas this year among the players.

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Hello, hello! Welcome to another installment of the Bus Ride Impression. Coming off a very nice meet yesterday with earbuds folks, I was able to get a chance to try yet another Indonesian wonder, Crow Audio, and I was pretty mesmerized by two of their products.

Yes, that is right. I have to admit, sometimes having tried a lot of gears might make me a bit jaded with the new offers in the market today, but somehow once in a while something will pop out of nowhere and surprise me with how these gears perform. In the case of Crow Audio, I was only given a few minutes of audition for Raven MKII and Dietris 300 Ohms but I will have to admit how engaging both sounded like. These two offered a sound that is quite engaging particularly the Raven MKII which seems to sound a bit different from the conventional ones that I have tried. Yes, it is not as if it a totally unique tonality, it’s just that it has a distinct flavor that one would not normally get out of those currently in the market right now. Which bring to a point: brand is one thing, but the earbud model is totally something else. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Crow Audio Raven MKII”


I agree, the hobby is quite a subjective one. With a market full of products for the hobby, it is quite challenging to find the right fit for an IEM that will suit your taste, even more in such cases wherein your preferred sound signature is not of the usual norms. Even in the case of common ones like the bassheads, there still is a distinction as to how one would like his IEM is tuned (some would like a very tight mid-bass or an extended sub-bass, pick your boat ladies and gentlemen).

In my case, it can indeed be challenging. Yes, I would like my IEMs a tad bright, but of course, I have this specific tuning on the higher frequencies that in a split can border beyond ticklishly sparkly or brutally piercing (of course I go for the first, who would want a piercing sound signature? — okay my apologies, some might, although I cringe at that, what the hey, some people says my preference can sometimes be a bit of an ear shredder). However, as I primarily look into the brightness of an IEM, I still would want it to have a bit of body to go along with the brightness and a good, decent amount of mids to keep the IEM glued into my ears for a few hours. I can be specific, but just like most enthusiasts, I would rather go and try to see if it fits my need.

Fortunately enough, I came across this nice little gem from Whizzer, the Haydn A15Pro. Whizzer can be considered somewhat a new brand in the market, but the A15Pro isn’t their first batter off the plate of the hobby as they initially released the A15 earlier. This was an offer made by Whizzer for me to take the A15Pro for a spin and see how well it fares and perhaps to be candid as to how I think about the IEM. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much out of the little devil, thinking that it might just be one of those lows-heavy IEM usually coming out in the market. Upon trying though, I will have to admit that my prejudice was unfounded: this devil is actually good!

Let me take you through the IEM and see how it might fit your taste as well. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Whizzer Haydn A15Pro”

May The Force Be With You: Star Wars Battlefront 2

Good day everyone! My name is Jeddy and I love to talk about video games, do live streams and gameplay videos as well. If you wanna tag along leave a comment in the section below or share your thoughts about our blog posts here on our website. I’ll be blogging more on video games here on Tech Kaiju so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Tech Kaiju also loves to blog about games especially the new releases. So in this blog we will talk about Star Wars Battlefront 2.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been very modified and different from its predecessor. Unlike Star Wars Battlefront 1. This game introduced classes which has Assault, Heavy, Officer and Specialist. Much like what they did in the Battlefield series, it brings up the feeling of playing the previous Battlefront games from the Playstation 2 series. So these classes are very unique and each and everyone has very important roles. For example, an assault can use a skill that is called Vanguard which let’s you equip a shotgun for a limited time you can also sprint faster to eliminate hostiles in the objective. Same as the Officer you can drop auto turrets to defend or takeover objectives. For the Heavy class you are the guardian of your army by providing heavy fire upon your enemies. The Specialist class on the other hand specializes with sniping. You will also encounter other classes like the trooper with a Jet pack or a hard armored units like a Wookie Warrior at your disposal.


The multiplayer mode consists of different games modes including Galactic Assault which pits players in an objective based gameplay. One faction attacks capturing objectives, taking control of a certain terminals and etc. While the defending faction needs to make sure that they drain the reinforcement tickets of the other faction to 0. Multiplayer maps focuses on live events that happened in the Star Wars Universe including the famous Kamino Invasion where in the clones are desperate to repel the attack of the separatist forces on their home planet. Much like in Operations from Battlefield 1. There are also star cards that have been involved which can make your troopers with additional power ups such as Supercharged Sentry, Improved Thermal Detonators, and etc. So far, the multiplayer has been fun and engaging at times. Another game mode called Starfighter assault will bring fans in the cockpits of the Star Wars ships such as X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Millennium Falcon, and etc. It also conveys objective gameplay such as Galactic Assault but its gonna be on space. Yes, you heard it right! On space with different players, massive space dogfights, and more.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 also offers a good campaign story which focuses on the protagonist Iden Versio daughter of a very powerful admiral of the Imperial Army. No spoilers will be spilled in this blog so its okay to read. The main focus of the story is bridging the connection between Episode 6 going to Episode 7 of the Star Wars franchise so if you’re a big fan, you really have to try the campaign on this one and see what happens.

The only downside is the lag of the servers which EA hasn’t fixed up til this day. Star Wars Battlefront 2 also has a forum where in active players in the community can report bugs, issues and more directly to the EA developers of the game.

Now EA the developer of Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been engaged into a lot of controversies including micro transaction involved in games. This information about micro transaction was actually said by a developer in an active forum which went very viral all over the internet. EA made a move immediately to try and remedy the situation but it was all too late as famous Youtubers vent out and started raining down on the game before it can even be released to the public.

In response to the overwhelming negativity of the people, before the release date of the game, EA pulled out all micro transactions involved in the game to prevent any more damages or problems that might occur. However it was really quite too late as the company’s stock fell 8.5 percent this month through Tuesday, with a colossal loss of $3.1 billion in shareholder value.

I hope you guys enjoyed this part of the blog. We’ll be creating more so please stay tuned!


Whew, been a while.

Welcome again to another installment of Bus Ride Impression. The seasons seems to have taken a toll on me given how busy I have been for over a month now, not being able to write anything for you, my loyal readers. So allow me to apologize for the absence, times are trying, pair that with the seasons coming and you can pretty much imagine how busy I have been (a loss in the family held me back a bit, so again, my apologies).

However, as I pick myself up, I would normally go for something that I really enjoy doing, like writing for the column. And as I have been missing in action for a good few weeks, this is practically just right for me to get back to.

So, for today, I am writing about one of the newest IEMs in the block, the IMR Acoustics R1. IMR Acoustics is a new brand being helmed by Bob James of the famed Trinity Audio brand, and he decided to depart from Trinity Audio to pick up a brand of his own. I will really not go into details, but I guess that move somehow allowed Bob to really go at it, making IEMs the way he used to back in the Atlas days. I must say, he has outdid himself after several designs of his previous works.

So, does the IMR R1 offer anything that is much different from Bob’s previous works? If so, how much different? Considering the price tag of 500 GBP, is worth the investment? Let’s find out then. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: IMR Acoustics R1”

Straight From The Field: Beyond Innovations – Chord Poly Launch 11/09/17

We at The Tech Kaiju were given a privilege as we were invited to the launch of the latest Chord product, the Poly organized by Beyond Innovations, the official distributor of Chord in the country on November 9, 2017. People from media, audio groups and dealers gathered as no less then John Franks, the Founder and Chief Engineer of Chord walked the audience through their latest innovation at the event held at the Kuppa Roastery & Cafe.

John Franks and Robert Wong of Chord Business Development explained how the Poly plays a major role in the ever advancing technology of sound. They also got the chance to mingle with the crowd and answer the audiences’ inquiries about Chord and what it holds in the future.

John Frank and Robert Wong discussing insights on what Poly has to offer.

The audiences were also given a chance to audition the Poly along with other brands carried by Beyond Innovations like Beyerdynamic and AKG. The crowd was also given a treat as freebies and discounts were offered on the event for Poly.

Straight From The Field: Focal Multimedia PH 10/14/17

Focal Multimedia – Philippines in collaboration with Philippine personal audio group Audio-Fi held a product showcase at The Curator Coffee & Cocktails, Makati City which also served as the launch point for their newest product, the Focal Listen.

Audio-Fi members had a blast as they had the chance to try Focal’s newest outing. Focal Listen was a revelation as it yielded an incredible sound coming from a relatively affordable can.


Focal Multimedia PH Marketing & Sales Manager Johann Tiu indulged the Audio-Fi members as he showcased Focal’s market level products such as the Spirit Classics, Spirit Pro, Sphear, Spark as well as their newest product Listen. He also even engaged in the music listening session and even ran a contest where 3 winners went home with Focal goodies.


At some point in this hobby you will get to that crossroad thinking what is the practical route to take. As a hobbyist, ideally you should be governed as to what sound you will get out of your setup. However, there’s a plethora of factors to consider, primarily whether if you will go portable or stationary. While I would assume that hordes will prefer to go portable, there still is a considerable number of folks who would prefer a desktop setup considering the value they get out of it in terms of the sound. However, in spite of that, the reason why a lot would prefer to go portable is because we are practically living in a very fast environment nowadays; much more people are mobile given our daily lives whether it is due to work or school.

Given this point, another factor to look into is the efficiency of the music source you are getting. While cost plays a huge role when picking the right gear, one would think of it more on practicality rather than just being blunt; that is, going for what is cheaper (this should be the ideal as price to performance is the right measurement of practicality, not low price period) should be equated by one’s expectation as to what kind of sound one will get out of the gear. Continue reading “BUS RIDE IMPRESSION: Oriolus DP100”